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What Does Inspection and Testing Involve?

The visual inspection for all classes of equipment includes:

  • Check the supply socket for signs of overheating or damage.

  • Examining the plug for any signs of damage, bent pins, it's maximum load rating, proper retention of the cable and that the correct fuse is fitted.  For moulded plugs this will involve removing and refitting the fuse.  For non-moulded plugs, the top will be removed, the fuse checked, the cable grip checked and all connections checked for looseness or exposed wire strands.

  • Examination of the cable over it's entire length looking for signs of unacceptable damage.  For long extension leads this will involve unwinding the whole length.

  • Examination of the equipment for any signs of damage that could affect the electrical safety.

Following satisfactory visual inspection the following tests will be carried out:

  • Simple function test of the supply socket to check that all connections are present and correct.

  • Continuity test of the protective earth for Class 1 equipment only.

  • Insulation test.

  • Leakage current test.

  • Polarity test.

Records of the test results will be kept and a copy given to the person requesting the tests - preferably in electronic  PDF format, so as to not use paper unnecessarily.

Equipment that passes the inspection and tests will have a green  'passed' sticker applied that shows the appliance unique identification, the date tested and who did the tests.

Equipment that fails the tests, that cannot be repaired immediately and re-tested, will have a red 'fail' label attached and should not be used until rectified and successfully re-tested.

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