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How Much Will It Cost?

 After holding our prices for 4 yrs we have had to increase them by 10% for 2023 onwards.

Our price structure is fully transparent and still competitive.

We charge an initial fee of 28.

Each item inspected and tested is then charged at 1.45.

nb: A piece of equipment that has a removable plug-in lead will constitute 2 items which are tested separately, as it cannot be guaranteed that the lead will stay with this item of equipment.

Simple remedial work, such as re-positioning a cable grip, tightening screws or replacing a fuse with the correct rating, is included in the above price.

More significant repairs, such as fully re-wiring a plug, will be charged according to the work and materials involved.

The above pricing also depends on there being easy access to the equipment. If we need to spend significant time gaining access and disconnecting items for testing and re-connecting the items, then additional charges may be applied.

Pricing for assistance with risk assessments and training will be dependent on the extent of work required.

Because our rates are so low, we need to charge for travelling outside of a 10 mile radius of Nailsea. The rate is 20p per mile in excess of a 20mile round trip.

For work out of the normal Monday - Friday business hours of  7:30am  to 5:00pm, we charge a premium of 10 per hour on site.

We are not VAT registered so there's no VAT to add to the prices.

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