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Equipment Management

The nominated person in your business is responsible for deciding what electrical equipment needs inspecting and testing, and when.

The HSE booklet HSG107 provides practical advice on the duties of the responsible person and how to discharge them.  We can help with this if required.

As the customer you can choose whether to pro-actively manage your electrical equipment yourself or essentially have us do it for you.

The advantage of doing it yourself is that some of the equipment just needs a visual inspection that can be done by your own staff without any special test gear. eg: Class 2 equipment in an office/shop environment.

We can provide staff training on how to manage the equipment, how to carry out the inspections, what to look for and how to record it.

Pricing will be based on the extent of training involved. The basic package would be 10 mins training on how to do a visual safety check and what to look for.

How Frequently Should Items Be Inspected & Tested?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the retest period.  It depends on the type of equipment, the environment it's used in, how frequently it's used and the results of the inspection and tests.

Ideally the retest frequency should be based on a documented risk assessment that takes into account the likelihood of a defect arising and the possible consequence of it.

We can help with carrying out a formal risk assessment.

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